September 29, 2023


Whatever support you need for your event, convention or trade show, our team can deliver. Here are just a few of the services clients most commonly request and our approach to providing for their needs.

Site Selection Management - Based on the meeting requirements and destination preferences received from the client, we create and distribute detailed Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to our contacts in the cities and hotel and meeting facilities that meet or exceed the client's requirements.

Upon collection and assessment of available options, we diligently negotiate and present the best destination and venue options.  

Vendor Negotiations & Conference Budget Management - Based on the organization's specific requirements and budget parameters, PCM  negotiates the terms and conditions of the contracts for services including but not limited to: 

  • Hotels and/or Convention Centers 
  • Caterers and/or Food & Beverage Vendors
  • Event Decor Companies
  • Exhibit Contractors
  • Audio Visual Equipment Suppliers
  • Security Companies
  • Transportation Service Providers
  • Communication Equipment Suppliers
  • Many other service providers as required
The PCM team makes sure that the client is kept up-to-speed on the anticipated expenditures related to each of the required services. Their priorities are our priorities in managing this process. After the event, expenses are reconciled to established budgets, costs savings are highlighted and approved increases and justification is documented for future planning.

Pre-Conference and On-Site Management - PCM works closely with its clients to develop a detailed timeline and plan of execution to meet established  deadlines. We believe in continual communication to ensure that our pre-conference planning processes are in line with the client's expectations.

Conference Pre-Planning Services include:
  • Conference Registration Planning/Management
  • Hotel Reservations and Housing Management
  • Development of Conference Resume (Detailing specific requirements to the meeting facility) 
  • Developing and Managing VIP/Staff Rooming Lists and Special Blocks 
  • Providing and Reviewing Exhibit Floor Plans
  • Developing a Food & Beverage Matrix (Detailing specific needs for each event)
  • Audio Visual Matrix (Detailing specific needs for each event) 
  • Producing and Managing Transportation Manifests
  • Preparing and Updating Conference Signage Grid
  • Determining and Sourcing Temporary Staffing Labor, As Required 
  • Determining and Sourcing Private Security, As Required


       On-Site Conference Management - Nothing is left to chance on-site. PCM uses the tools (Grids and Matrices) created during the planning process as a guide to managing the program in the selected facilities.  Our goal is flawless execution and we work very closely with the client to manage any on-site logistical details during the event and meet each morning to review the day's activities.

Through continual communication with both the client and variety of service providers, we work to bridge the gap and produce consistent, positive outcomes.

Conference On-Site Services include but are not limited to:

  • Serving as the client's primary liaison to the hotel and vendor contacts to oversee all on-site logistics
  • Receiving and preparing an inventory of client freight, conference signage, office equipment, communications devices, etc.
  • Set-up of client offices, registration areas, etc.
  • Management of on-site registration and check-in processes
  • Monitoring Sleeping Room Block, performance and No-Shows 
  • Verifying Meeting Room Sets and Food & Beverage Orders
  • Managing Trade Show Installation, Show Days and Dismantling
  • Monitoring VIP Transportation Pick-Ups and Departures


      Post Conference Reporting and Reconciliation - Our services extend after the event so that we can collect the all important history of the program and position the organization for future cost management and process development success. We review the final invoices from all vendors for timely payment by the organization.  

As required, we provide the client with a comprehensive post-event report that outlines the success, challenges and attendee experiences during the conference.  It includes recomendations for improvement and suggestions that can help the organization's event even better in the future.  Statistical information that is also part of the report includes:  

  • Conference Attendance (Overall and Per Event) 
  • Sleeping Room Pick-Up
  • Performance versus Food & Beverage Guarantees


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